Recruit a freight driver on all vehicles

The driver of goods on all vehicles is responsible for routing by road the goods he carries in his vehicle, whatever the type. He also ensures the collection and delivery on time. Road vehicles with a permissible gross vehicle weight (GVW) of more than 3.5 tons, including carriers, articulated vehicles or combinations of vehicles.

Depending on the size of the vehicle, the nature of the goods and the customers to be delivered, transport operations can be local and regional (short distance) or national and international (long distance).

The driver of Load boards free on any vehicle is mainly recruited by the transport companies. Businesses from the industrial and commercial sectors also represent a significant proportion of applicants for this position internally. In addition, the adoption of embedded computing devices and the integration of sustainable development objectives encourage the hiring and upgrading of the profession of driver of freight on all vehicles.

In the face of recruitment difficulties caused by lack of qualifications and / or skills, companies choose dual training to hire their freight drivers on all vehicles. Thus, they can make sure to have candidates trained in its trades, its methods and who can accompany them in their evolution.

Tasks and functions

On board his vehicle, the driver of goods on all vehicles carries out the transport and delivery of all types of goods to one or more customers within the set deadlines.

In general, the duties of the freight driver on all vehicles include:

  • Truck loading or unloading operations
  • supervision of cargo loading operations
  • vehicle preparation
  • Hitching an articulated vehicle or a combination of vehicles.
  • transporting goods by road in his vehicle
  • respect of the mandatory break times which represent the heart of the conditions of safety in terms of road driving
  • respect of delivery times
  • watch over the safety and condition of the goods being transported
  • delivery :
  • supervision of unloading operations
  • uncoupling an articulated vehicle or a combination of vehicles
  • fault detection and minor repair
  • update of operational information concerning the transport of goods: delivery slips and regulatory documents
  • The profile of the driver of goods transport on all vehicles
  • The professional qualifications required to become a freight driver on all vehicles