Kevin Sheehan Spots MarkleWalking Down The Aisle Alone

It’s Friday, and the day has almost come where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry make their union as one entity, attached to the love of everlasting marriage. The whole world will be watching as these two take a grand stride towards their future together. The American sweetheart turned British Royalty heartthrob has paved the way for a new front of inspiration. It makes Americans believe that they too one day can have their fairtyale dream come true and become a princess… This popular Suits actress is making lead way that has resulted in the Meghan Effect where everything she wears gets sold out almost immediately online or in brick-and-mortars. Kevin Sheehan has a theory about this soon-to-be bride and Princess, stating that while she was still an American icon making it far in the Suits television show and candid films, he realizes that Americans are more infatuated with the wedding affair than actual British descendants. How could this be?


Brits Are Sensitized To Royalty

Those who were born and raised in Great Britain are used to the traditions and superfluous media presence of the Royal Family. Most have moved on from the phase, understanding that this is simply something that is ingrained in their culture. Living in the dusk of royalty allows them to fleek to forward and feel unaffected by the changes a royal marriage has in their day. Some Brits who are aware of the imminent union have spoken of the positive effect it has on the Brit’s culture since Meghan is not indeed British. It demonstrates that the Royal Family has continued to flow with the times, and it is beautiful that Harry has met a dream lady that he seems to love more than anything in this world.


Expect A Break From Tradition

The same way the entire nuptials between a Brit and a non-Brit evidently breaks the norm, expect the usual wedding ceremony traditions to be more different than expected. Kevin Sheehan reported that Meghan Markle’s father is still recovering from heart surgery and thus cannot be there for his daughter’s wedding—also known as the wedding of the year—and will instead walk part of the aisle alone. While Prince Charles will take the place of her father during the second part of the walk, Markle has chosen to be alone during her ascent down the aisle way, of course following the page boys, bridesmaids and clergymen that make up the succession before her. This has been the plan even when it was known that her father couldn’t make it for the ceremony. In this action, Markle has shown that she is the light force of independence and strength, confidence and beauty that no one else can take away from her.