True Quality for the Best Chinese Now

This article contains a series of tips for learning Chinese in a self-taught way. These are simple and free steps that anyone can put into practice.Keep in mind that I do not intend to overwhelm with a string of theoretical discourses. On the contrary, it is a series of ideas that I have developed over … Continue reading “True Quality for the Best Chinese Now”

This article contains a series of tips for learning Chinese in a self-taught way. These are simple and free steps that anyone can put into practice.Keep in mind that I do not intend to overwhelm with a string of theoretical discourses. On the contrary, it is a series of ideas that I have developed over the last seven years, while learning English, Spanish, French and Chinese.


The most important advice I can give to learn Chinese is to find the right motivation. When you finish reading this article you will probably feel super motivated and you will be thinking about studying five hours a day for the next thirteen years.

  • But learning a foreign language requires consistency and if you do not have enough motivation, you tend to forget the initial objectives and return quickly to the usual routine (which instead of learning Chinese, consists of two hours of Facebook daily). The good chinese language school in angmokio offers the right steps.
  • If you do not have a strong motivation, for example, pass an exam, you must create it. Set a long-term goal (for example, to watch a movie without English subtitles) and give yourself a deadline (for example, a year).
  • Then announce it to the world. Tell your girlfriend (or boyfriend) and your friends, post it on Facebook or your blog. Give your brother one hundred euros and tell him to give them back in a year, only if you are able to achieve the goal. Make sure that, your life will be more difficult in case of failure.

Once you have established a long-term goal and a limited amount of time to get there, you have to decide how much time you can devote each day to the study. For example, I try to study Chinese one hour a day (and most times I do).

It does not look like much, but I have a lot of things to do and I know that if I was forced to study three hours a day I would have gotten tired very soon. In this way I have managed to keep pace almost every day.

Invest a little money in your plan. Buy a good grammar book or a multimedia course. The basic idea is that we strive to conclude only those projects for which we have invested enough resources (time, money, image). For example, I go to the gym only when I pay in advance.

It seems only a small detail, but do not underestimate the power of your unconscious. If you want to know more about the subject you can read “Think and get rich “by Napoleon Hill, a book that, in my opinion, should be introduced in school programs.

Learner support at Hereward College

Hereward College, which specialises in educating young people with learning disabilities and additional needs, has been praised by Ofsted inspectors who said students there “enjoy their learning” and “feel safe and protected”.


In a new report on the college, which offers live-in residential as well as day provision for 16 to 24 year olds needing a range of support, Ofsted said its leaders have worked “tirelessly” and with a “relentless focus” to improve student safety and success.


All learners at Hereward College have access to a range of support to ensure their journey through college runs as smoothly as possible.


When learners start college they are allocated a Progress Coach who has responsibility for monitoring their progress and development. The Progress Coach will be their first point of contact for course related help and advice during their time at college.


Progress Coaches provide one-to-one support, set medium and long term goals, provide regular reviews and also provide regular parents’ evenings throughout the year.


Learners also have access to:


  • Job Coaches – to encourage the development of employability skills and arrange work placements.
  • Therapies – available to all learners, depending on your needs (including Speech and Language and Physiotherapy).
  • Mentors – for those who need help with social and emotional skill development.


Independent Learning Support


Hereward College’s Independent Learning Support team assists the whole academic and vocational curriculum – either on a 1:1 basis or support as part of a group. They also offer personal care and supervision tailored to each student, even during unstructured times.


They will help learners to find ways to do as much as they can for themselves and to be in control of their own learning and care. They know things change and check with learners regularly to make sure they feel their support is right.


We offer a range of support in lessons, off-site study, homework, educational visits and also deliver transition to independence skills as part of Hereward’s Enrichment Programme.


How can we help?


  • Practical support like note taking, typing, organisation and planning
  • Mobility support
  • Assist with improvement of communication and decision making
  • Working with others
  • Setting up equipment
  • Personal care


Hereward College is a college for young people with disabilities and additional needs based in Coventry. Since 1971 we have been offering inclusive provision and specialist facilities for both day and residential learners with complex disabilities and learning difficulties.


Our vision is to prepare our learners for the next stage of their lives, providing them with outstanding employability skills and greater control over their future. We have a focus on creating independent individuals who can make more of their own decisions about work, education, health and living.


We have extensive partnerships with employers and an expanding supported internship study programme. The internships build upon all the skills that the young people have developed in college and extend them even further in real work situations.


Political activity is also important to the Hereward community and we encourage our learners to have a ‘voice’ in the issues that affect them. We also support the Natspec and NUS campaigns which addresses the inequalities faced by young people with learning difficulties or disabilities.


We are extremely proud of the achievements of all our learners and our hugely committed and dedicated staff which support them.


For more information on full time application or residential enquiries visit or email or call 024 7642 6173.


Hereward College, Bramston Crescent, Tile Hill, Coventry, Warwickshire, CV4 9SW