A Perfect Remedy From the Drug Addiction

When it comes to addiction, we usually think of drugs, alcohol and medications, and people can be addicted to behaviors, just think of the people who hold their smartphone in their free minute. How can one overcome an addiction? Today’s article gives tips on how to get your addiction under control.

Overcome addiction – but how?

90 percent of people are addicted in some way. The desire to escape reality in any way with the help of personal addictions is as old as humanity itself. In addition to substance-related addictions such as alcohol, drugs, medicines and food, non-substance-related behaviors may also turn into an addiction. The Internet addict hangs day and night in front of the computer, which may even lead to a thrombosis due to the lack of exercise. People can also become addicted to work, addicted to sex or become sports-obsessed. Any human behavior can become addictive.

Addiction or freedom?

Addictions have one thing in common: They deprive people of their freedom of choice. In contrast to the habit, which we can quite easily interrupt, if we deem it necessary, we do not have that freedom in addiction. We follow an inner script that we seem to have no influence on. But how can one overcome an addiction?

Create awareness

Unless we know we are addicted, we cannot overcome the addiction. What sounds so banal and simple is the first important step in the fight against addiction. It’s not exactly nice to admit to being dependent on anything. So our inside justifies the addiction by all means. Of course, only we know why it is so important to hang from morning to night on the Internet. Or we are sure to recover the loss today in the arcades or the list of suspicions is long. The inpatient addiction rehabilitation is there.

Only when you recognize the problem and can assess the situation neutrally, it progresses. Create a cost-benefit balance sheet: What does your behavior bring you? And what does it cost? Which side outweighs? Addiction begins where the disadvantages of behavior outweigh the benefits. Sport is healthy, but if the athlete has no time for anyone, puts himself under pressure and increasingly struggles with orthopedic problems due to overloading, then the scale tilts towards addiction. The behavior is no longer healthy; it begins to develop too many disadvantages.

In the next step, think about how dependent you are. These steps are easier to manage with therapeutic support and outside feedback than any, as we like to lie in our pockets as we have already mentioned, so as not to endanger our self-esteem.

Take a shot

Only you can free yourself from your addiction. No amount of expensive clinic, no talented therapist can handle the path ahead of you. Other people can only accompany, you have to go yourself. And you must freely decide to overcome the addiction.