5 Best Apps That Will Help You Beat Procrastination (How TO Complete All Tasks in Your To-Do List)

What’s on your to-do list today? Are those tasks geared towards helping you achieve your 3, 5 or 10-year goal? Do those tasks focus on the elements most important to your – family, health, career, or your spiritual life?  Well, you are on the right track, and that’s commendable. However, you being here means that you are unable to meet your short-term goals (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual) because you keep putting some of those crucial tasks off, right?

Don’t fret. That is a distinctly human behavior we all struggle with but, that is about to change. As you work on improving your Burlington mobile phone repair store, we’ll give you the tools you need to override procrastination. These apps could be all you need for you to jump back on your winning cap.

  • My Progress

Wouldn’t you like a simple web application that tracks your work progress? We know you do. Thinking back to all the times you had an anxiety attack because you underestimated how much time you had to complete a big project, My Progress could save you more trouble.

You’ll like it because you don’t need to sign in to use it. To use it, you need to add a pending task and then checking it off once you complete the task. You might also like that the checked task has a strikethrough and the color changes too while the completed task moves to the bottom of your list. You also get a notification with the number of tasks remaining.

  • Timebound

Available on Android and iOS, this app is all you need to get through all those tasks with looming deadlines.

As an app that reminds you of the confrontation you could get from your boss if you miss a deadline, it prompts you to act fast. With Timebound, your tasks that are almost due will come in first, and everything else comes after you complete the now urgent tasks.

Wondering what will make you push those tasks further back? Well, Timebound is smart, and it will not let you add new tasks without its deadline. So, when you introduce a new task, the app rearranges your to-do list, and the first tasks are the most urgent one. Also, since its cards tell you how much time you have until the task is due and that it comes with a Missed tab for unfinished tasks, this app promises to prevent you from ever missing a deadline.

You might also like it because it lets you prioritize tasks and it works best for people who only act at the last minute.

  • Tet

If you’re looking for a to-do list applicable to your 24-hour day, then Tet is all you need. This one task list for 24 hours could be all you need for your to be the most productive. Knowing that you only have 24 hours to complete some tasks will push you closer to your goals. At midnight, the tasks are cleared from the list.

The only limitation is that Tet is only available to Android.

  • Lanes

This could be the coolest weekly planner accessible on the web and Android devices. If you prefer weekly to daily to-do lists, then you Lanes will make it possible, while giving you the chance to plan ahead. With the daily list, its weekly planner, and the calendar, you can chart plans for whole week effortlessly.

  • Yelling Mom

Taking cues from your ever-nagging mother, Yelling Mo will remind you that you get motivated through aggressive prodding. Once you schedule a task, the app will remind you of the deadline while sending obnoxious and annoying alerts like a referee’s whistle. Thanks to its ability to pester you, you’ll have to compete for the tasks even if you didn’t want to.

The other apps we recommend include Procraster, Finish, Beat Procrastination, AppDetox, or Check.