Where to Buy Cheap Mattresses

When looking to buy cheap mattresses, sales like these at Bed Market are the best place to start. Go to mattress specialty stores at the scratch and dent section where they sell mattresses that are slightly damaged but on a discount price. You should also keep an eye on the newspaper and television. There are … Continue reading “Where to Buy Cheap Mattresses”

When looking to buy cheap mattresses, sales like these at Bed Market are the best place to start. Go to mattress specialty stores at the scratch and dent section where they sell mattresses that are slightly damaged but on a discount price. You should also keep an eye on the newspaper and television. There are furniture liquidation and bankruptcy settlements that are listed in the classified section of the newspaper.


There are some memberships stores which sell cheap mattresses to customers who pay a small annual fee. You should also go to rent a centre store. They sell mattresses which they have previously rented out for a very small amount of money since they are not allowed to rent again a set.


Check out mattress dealer websites. To get a good bargain, there are sites where you can get mattresses for a small fee. Some of the mattresses might be used and you need to disinfect them. Use products that are going to kill bacteria and viruses.


Pocket Sprung Beds


Pocket sprung mattress is simply the best that money can buy. This mattress is more luxurious than the normal spring mattress. It has individual springs which are housed in different fabric pockets. These springs work independently to respond to the weight of an individual. This is the most ideal type of mattress if there is some weight difference between you and your partner.


Another advantage of this type of mattress is that the springs in pocket spring mattress allows air to move freely throughout the mattress. This means that the mattress is going to be fresh and clean for a long time. The mattress also provides support in all the right places. Giving optimum support is going to reduce and treat problems with the back.


Pocket sprung mattresses are also durable. Since they are not going to wear out anytime soon, they are cost effective. There are different types of pocket sprung toppers and you can start your search to see if you can find the right mattress for you.

Top Style Trends from NYFW 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for fashionistas, that is! New York Fashion Week kicks off the fall fashion season with upcoming fashion weeks around the world to follow next. We’re salivating just thinking about all the couture we’ve taken in during the past week fresh from the runways of the Big Apple and are ready to share the top trends of NYFW with you. Fall and spring fashion, let’s get started!

A Little Sparkle
Or more like, a lot of sparkle! One of our favourite shows thus far has been Oscar De La Renta. The couture giant dazzled once again with an absolutely stunning collection featuring enough razzle dazzle to keep up shining bright like a diamond all year long. From glittered dress pants and crop tops to cardigans and long skirts, and all in nudes and metallics, we loved all the elegantly shimmery looks.

Shoulders everywhere, rejoice! You’ve been set free – at least, according to NYFW. From casually styled falling-off-one-shoulder jackets and shirts to fully bare-shouldered gowns, we’re definitely noting that off-the-shoulder is here to stay. Everyone from Brock Collection, Self- Portrait and Hellessy rocked the look.

Bold Patterns
ProenzaSchouler has been one of our favourite collections so far with its sophisticated yet whimsical prints and patterns. We loved the bold colours and structured dresses for spring and absolutely need the glitter black and blue skirt for nights out on the town. We also loved the head-to-toe patterned ensembles strutting down the runway at Nicholas K. Patterns on patterns on patterns is definitely the slogan of the moment.

Fresh Whites
Whoever said one shouldn’t wear white post-summer clearly didn’t attend the shows. There were so many gloriously fresh takes on the shade that we can’t wait to rock an all-white ensemble this season. From newcomer Rosie Assoulin’s beautifully feminine white maxis to Phillip Lim’s florally adorned delicate yet structured frocks to Jonathan Simkhai’s ethereal dresses, it was all about a bright white future.

Oversized Sweaters
Sweater weather is officially here and we’re smiling all the way to our closets. Gorgeously luxe and seriously warm sweaters made their way into hearts via the runways and we can’t wait to bring them to the streets. Prabal Gurung had exquisite knits over midi skirts while Monse had draped varsity sweaters and Tommy Hilfiger wowed with their signature Americana motif in cosy sweater form. Easily the most wearable trend, we’ll be donning sweaters with everything from thigh-highs to jeans, swanky hats to Tom Ford sunglasses.

Recognition Of Volvo Ocean Race Sustainability Program

The spectacular initiative to address the plastic’s impact on marine environment was well recognized and 2 awards have been dedicated to the same. During the Beyond Sports Awards in New York, the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 achieved the title of ‘Initiative in Sport for Good’ and ‘Best Corporate Campaign’ category.

It was good to see the judges commending the event as it made the best use of a global platform to create an awareness regarding the risk of plastic pollution. In addition, there were comments made on how the campaign helped young individuals to transform into climate activists and also began to use robust scientific research.

The New England Office of EPA in the U.S chose the Newsport Stopover Team of Volvo Ocean Race to get an Environmental Merit Award for commendable work and dedication to the environment. The Volvo Ocean Race Sustainability Program Leader Anne Cecile Turner said they start with an objective to engender good behavioral change for dealing the plastic crisis which is ultimately affecting the oceans. They understood their objectives and left a lasting legacy for the wellness of ocean by working with a team of inspirational and supportive partners. They are glad that their hard work and efforts have been recognized and appreciated by the EPA and Beyond Sport.

Anne Cecile also said that they would continue to engage, inspire and lead through a stronger event which would be a combination of innovation and sailing platforms to set up real as well as intangible repercussions to preserve the oceans. The event had Volvo Ocean Race jointly working with Clean Seas Campaign, 11th Hour Racing, and the Mirpuri Foundation. The Director of 11th Hour Racing, Todd McGuire said that it’s a great honor to have been shortlisted for Beyond Sports Award. He also congratulated Volvo Ocean Race for their splendid work and implementing a strong campaign with an objective to bring in positive changes.

Perfect Home Cleaning Options Just As You Look For

Office cleaning is not a complex task when you know how to do it, and it requires great care and attention. Do you have difficulties to clean your office? If so, then ask for the quality services of a cleaning company that will come to your office to offer you an impeccable industrial cleaning. By reading this article, you will discover the services that this company can offer in terms of industrial cleaning.

What is an industrial cleaning?

Cutting boards

The mixture of salt and lemon is an excellent tool for cleaning wooden planks. Cover the board with salt and wipe down with a lemon cut. Then, just rinse in a little hot water.

The toaster

Take an old toothbrush to clean hard to reach places.

The faucets

When wiping the surface of a faucet with wax paper, water stains will not appear for a long time.


Spread paper on the ironing board and sprinkle a little salt. Put your iron at maximum power and make sure there is no water in it. The steam function must be deactivated. Finally, put the hot iron on the salt. This trick works wonders to get rid of dirt. With the good at home cleaning services the options are perfect now.

When cooking: When preparing to cook a meal, reduce your pickup time by filling the sink with soapy water and placing plates and utensils after use. Do not leave dirty dishes for the next morning; you will feel defeated by the disorder even before you start your day.

Secret Stash: Place a storage basket or an ottoman with a lid in each room for storage. Use them to store dog toys, those of your children or the various items you need but you do not always have time to put away. It is very convenient in case you have a surprise visit!

Take care of the dust: Use a lint roller to remove dust from fabric shades. It works quickly and you will not need to vacuum. You have a mismatched bottom? Thread it on your hand to dust off quickly and efficiently.


Classify your paperwork daily: It is very difficult to reduce the amount of paperwork, but take the time to create a system. Can you add folders in your kitchen for homework and permission sheets? Sort the mail and immediately discard those that are not useful to you while taking care of important mail. The organizing rule is to touch something only once. Try to take care of the documents before it starts to pile up and make you miserable.